At the Farmyard Cafe, Wotter, Near Plymouth. Devon UK

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Registered Charity Number : 1133116

Need us to take a horse or pony?


We know how hard it must be to have to part with your beloved horse or pony, which is why when a horse is signed over to us we try to make it as painless for you as possible.  Many horses come to Hoofbeats because their owners can't bare the thought of him/her being sold from home to home.  We guarantee that we NEVER sell horses on,  and if you want to know how the horse is doing, we are more than happy to tell you.  

If you are able to make any financial donation towards our rehabilitation costs we would be very grateful.  We also appreciate any donation of tack, equipment or indeed anything horsey - items surplus to our requirements will be sold in our charity tack shop, which generates much needed funds.