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Loaning one of our horses or ponies


At Hoofbeats we are very keen to remember the word ‘Rehabilitation’  in our  name.

Rehabilitating a horse or pony will give him a chance to find a loving permanent loan home, enabling us to rescue another  equine. 

Once a horse is ready, we will seek to find their forever best friend.  After meeting potential loanees and finding the perfect home, we will visit the place he is planned to be kept and.  Once approved, the loanee will be asked to sign a legal contract, which then allows the horse to go to his new home. We will still keep in touch and occasionally visit, to ensure everything is going well for both horse and loaner.    

We want our horses to find a loving, one to one, FOREVER home, but if for some reason the horse can no longer be kept, he will be returned to Hoofbeats. None of our horses or ponies are ever sold.

Having a horse on our loan scheme means your new friend will live at an approved place of your choice, with you doing all the work and paying all the bills.  On average a horse costs approx £3000 per year to keep - they are not a cheap pet.    We also charge a one off loan fee, the loan fee amount depends on the horse, its age , its health etc . This all goes towards the rescue and rehabilitation of the next horse or pony. Taking on any horse is not something that should be done lightly and should be thought about in great detail. 


Our Rehoming Pack

We aim to keep our rehoming pack as up to date as possible.  It is usually updated monthly to accommodate new arrivals, so please check back regularly to learn of our new equines looking for their forever homes. 

If you have an interest in a particular horse or pony, please fill out our application form.  Completed copies can be sent to us via our Facebook page (  where we will happily discuss our residents with you further.

*Please bear in mind we are all volunteers and so we may not be able to respond right away*

Loan Application Form (docx)


Rehoming Pack AUG-SEPT 19 (pdf)