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Here at Hoofbeats, we tailor our rehabilitation to each horse. Using a combination of methods, we like to think that we are a place where natural meets conventional horsemanship and we take pride in our individual approach for each resident.  With an ever-evolving 'toolbox' of methods, tips and tricks, we regularly call on the support of our Patron Ken Faulkner and Instructor Heather Seems as well as other professionals.  You can read more about Ken and Heather's work and methods below.

Our wonderful Patron Ken Faulkner

Ken Faulkner

Ken Faulkner has been involved with horses in one form or another from a very early age and began starting horses for the public from the age of fifteen. He has been involved in various aspects of horsemanship, ranging from rodeo, breeding, training and showing horses for most of his life.

In 1998 Ken and Kathy  Stewart  started Australian Natural Horsemanship, and Ken now conducts courses and starts horses sharing his insights, knowledge and experience throughout Australia, New Zealand, the United Kingdom and France.  Ken's knowledge and information will help people and horses to build a level of communication that will enable you to move forward together as a partnership, understand the intricacies of finesse riding and high level liberty.

Ken focuses on teaching students horsemanship in such a way that they can incorporate it into any horsemanship discipline or program they choose, whether it be English or Western, endurance or trail riding, competition or just for fun.

Creating a unique bond with your horse and building communication skills and understanding, Ken's methods enable you to enhance your horsemanship while understanding the biomechanics of the horse and touching on points of classical dressage.  The result will be a horse which is mentally alert, physically willing and emotionally collected. 

Ken comes to the UK once a year to share his methods in a special week long course. All are welcome, whether to take part with a horse or simply spectate.  It was  after attending such a course in the UK that our Founder Sharon got talking to Ken about the work Hoofbeats does with troubled horses, and both agreed that Kens  methods would work  well with the horses in our care. We were very honoured that Ken agreed to be our Patron and he provides us with a constantly updated set of methods to help us to best rehabilitate our residents . 

If you would like to  know more about Ken or his UK courses follow this link: 



Heather Seems

Heather has been the main instructor for the Hoofbeats team for many years, and it was her that introduced us to Ken. 

Heather teaches Kens methods as well as being a qualified BHS instructor and is fully insured. 

If you would like to book  Heather for a lesson contact her on 07703 132932