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Helping horses find homes

Does your horse need our help?

Does your horse need our help?

Does your horse need our help?


We take in many different types of horses and ponies, from feral hill ponies who need to learn to trust, to ex-competition horses who just need a different life, and of course the much-loved horse who sadly needs a new home due to personal circumstances.

If you need to rehome your horse or pony, please email us with his/her details, any issues they may have and why you have to re-home them, we will get back to you as soon as possible.

If you are giving up your horse we would appreciate any donation of tack or equipment; any thing that is surplus  to our requirements is sold in our charity tack shop based at the Farmyard Cafe, Wotter, to raise extra funds. 

If you can make a monetary donation it would be very much appreciated, even just changing a passport over to Hoofbeats can cost £30-£50 each. 

Loaning a Horse or Pony

Does your horse need our help?

Does your horse need our help?


Loaning a Hoofbeats horse or pony is not on a 1st come, 1st served basis, as instead we take the time to find the forever home that we feel is best suited for his/her needs. 

If you see a horse in our re-homing pack that you think will be suitable, then please contact us for more details. We can then make arrangements for you to come and meet him. 

If we believe that you make a good match for our horse or pony, then we will come and do a home visit to see where you plan for him to live. Once complete, you will be required to sign a contract and pay a loan fee. 

Our Loan fees varying depending on the horse or pony, and range from a donation of your choice to £600. For individual rehoming fees, please see our rehoming pack. 

Horses available for loan

Does your horse need our help?

Horses available for loan


Once a horse or pony has joined us, they are assessed and given an 'MOT' of all check ups necessary such as physiological appointments. Given the all clear, our volunteers then work to rehabilitate and retrain new arrivals where necessary using a variety of methods, including both conventional and natural horsemanship.

After this process is completed, our horses and ponies details are added to our rehoming pack which can be downloaded using the link below.

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